Art and creativity has always been a part of Kim Yubeta’s life. Her father Jarl was a famous sculptor; her mother Suzi, a well-known watercolorist. When Kim first began playing with creating jewelry, simple strands of colored stone with one interesting bead characterized her work. "My designs have continued to get more and more complex." Yubeta's work is highly original, although this Tubac, AZ resident has a few signature pieces she produces again and again for clients. She knows a Yubeta necklace is not for everyone. It takes confidence to wear her elegant creations. "My necklaces make a statement," says Yubeta. "I think you need to be comfortable with yourself to wear my pieces. People want to touch the work and talk about it. You have to be ready for that." Her work can be seen at the K Newby Gallery in Tubac AZ, Tucson, Scottsdale, Santa Fe, New York, Colorado, and Texas. NOTE: with Kim's custom pieces there are no returns.

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