Handmade Leather Table Runners by Cripple Creek

  • Cripple Creek Creations Leather Table Runners - These handcrafted table runners are stunning for any tabletop, coffee table, or to protect furniture; think how great food or an arrangement will look on it! With furs and leather ends and conchos in various sizes - you let us know your particulars!

    The most popular measurements are 12" x 54" but 12" x 72" or 14" x 72".  Prices vary, so the $268 we've listed may or may not be accurate for your design.

    These folks are so creative! They can also can make a wall hanging with the same materials.
    Other variations in hide, length, finishes, and colors available, with a 2-week turnaround.
    Just contact us and we'll do a custom order and get you a price estimate! Price shown here is an average price - your design may cost more, or less.
    All handmade with love.

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