Vintage Bolo Tie with Black Braided Leather

  • Vintage Bolo Tie with Black Braided Leather - A bit of Western tradition, is the bolo tie. Worn by men and women, these neckwear classics, usually with silver or stone clasp and braided leather, have been called many things in the past 60 to 70 years: Bolo Tie, Bola Tie, String Tie, Gaucho Tie, Mono Loop Tie, Emblem Lariat, Neck Rope, Lariat Tie, Cowboy Tie, Western Tie, Thong Tie, Western Bolo Ties, Sport Tie, and more! This vintage 1970s tie is sure to please, with a large pale blue-green turquoise stone and expansive intricate silver surround. Details on the metal tips are winsome!

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