Nike 7 Peaks Jacquard Robe by Pendleton

  • Nike 7 Peaks Jacquard Robe by Pendleton - WE CAN ORDER THIS BUT THERE WILL BE A DELAY OF A WEEK OR SO!

    Pendleton rocks! The 7 Peaks Blanket is Pendleton's newest partnership with Nike's N7 Fund, a trust whose mission is to bring sports to Native American and Aboriginal communities in the US and Canada. This USA-made wool blanket represents the quest to meet life’s goals, with three peaks at each end of the blanket while the center holds the seventh peak, pointing to past, future, and current generations, and showing a path to rise and succeed. 80" x 64." Unnapped or combed, so the details are crisper. Price includes $10 for shipping of this heavy bulky item.

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