Early Navajo Preservation Series Blanket by Pendleton

  • Early Navajo Preservation Series Blanket by Pendleton - Pendleton rocks! Pendleton designers work with museum curators and private collectors to make items like this, from the preservation series. A portion of sales helps fund Native American art and education programming and outreach. Based on an original weaving from the Center of Southwest Studies Durango Collection from the early 1800s. The first in Pendleton's Preservation Series, this blanket is expertly dyed, woven, and hand-finished and is unnaped and uncombed, for sharper pattern definition. It is a great example of early serape combining the striped and terrace steeped design with none of the usual red bayeta yarns. Woven with indigo-dyed blue, indigo with vegetal-dyed green and natural white hands-on churro wool yarns, the color scheme suggests a Rio Grande Valley influence. 80" x 64." Whipstitch binding. Pure virgin wool/cotton. Price includes $10 for shipping of this heavy bulky item.

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