Blue Ammonite Glass Bead Pin by Julienne

  • Blue Ammonite Glass Bead Pin by Julienne - Julienne Jewelry uses glass beads from Czechoslovakia and semi-precious stones with antique and handmade imported beads. She is inspired by unique and exquisite designs found in nature. Each beaded piece is tediously double-stitched by hand - never any machinery involved, and guaranteed. This fabulous pin features a central ammonite fossil. Ammonites had a multi-chambered shell, and added more chambers as it grew, always living in the outer chamber. They lived during the Cretaceous period, about 63-130 million years ago. Talk about one-of-a-kind! It measures 1-5/8" wide and has a 3" drop. Surrounded by royal blue and golden beads, it has eleven bead lines that dangle with accent colors of cream, blue, green, and white.

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