Hidatsa Earth Jacquard Robe by Pendleton

  • Hidatsa Earth Jacquard Robe by Pendleton - Pendleton rocks! The photographer Edward S. Curtis created an invaluable photographic and written record of every major Native America tribe west of the Mississippi around the turn of the century in striking, sepia-toned images. This pattern is based on one of his photos, and embodies the elements of earth and sky. The grey triangular step pattern in the center is a mountain design, and geometric motifs symbolize wheat, grass and seed. Crosses represent the four directions: north, west,east and south.

    Created exclusively for the American Indian College Fund, a nonprofit organization that helps fund scholarships for Native American students and tribal colleges. Your purchase helps support their honorable mission.

    Fabric is unnapped and left uncombed for sharper pattern definition. Pure virgin wool/cotton with felt binding. Fabric woven in US mills. 80" x 64." (twin size) Price includes $10 for shipping of this heavy bulky ite

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