White Sands Jacquard Robe 64 x 80" by Pendleton

  • White Sands Jacquard Robe 64 x 80 by Pendleton - Pendleton rocks! White Sands Jacquard pure virgin woo/cotton robe inspired by shifting dunes of shining white crystal rise from the Tularosa Basin at New Mexico's White Sands National Monument. During the day the dunes shine white against the blue sky. At sunset, the sands glow with the vibrant hues of twilight, while desert flora, yucca, cholla, and rice grass reach toward the last rays of the setting sun. This design is Pendleton's homage to this striking and wild landscape. Unnapped; fabric is uncombed for sharper pattern definition. Woven in Pendleton's American mills. Price includes $10 for shipping of this heavy bulky item.

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